Friday Cheese by Kish

I entered a competition online somewhere a couple days ago, asking me what the best invention was/is. I wrote ‘cheese’. Cheese is amazing, on crackers, easy mac, nachos and the way it tastes when it is melted, blows my mind. Everyone likes cheese (unless you are lactose intolerant, then sorry, you haven’t really lived). So everyone must enjoy some cheesy music once in a while too, no? Here is my cheesy wrap up for this week!

♫ TV Rock feat. Rudy – In The Air (Axwell Remix)
This was finally released on Beatport recently, and you could say that TV rock are the cheese connoisseurs of Australia. They do produce some utterly terrible crap sometimes, but Axwell can do a mean mix.

♫ Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke – Leave The World Behind (K.S Remix)
Is this song not the ultimate cheesery you have heard, yet I cannot help but enjoy it. And this mix doesn’t take away too much from the original but gives a smooth spin on it. I would say its the best mix i have heard of it so far. This guy, K.S (not Kissy Sellout!) is french and that just explains it all.

♫ Aaron Smith – Dancing Feat. Luvli (Thomas Gold & Eric Smax Remix)
You can always rely on Thomas Gold & friends to come through with a remix that is cheesy, yet has enough bite to last. I think this is a really good mix of this song, but I’m sure a lot of cheeseheads would prefer the Fuzzy Hair Remix. Personally i like the darker feel of this remix

♫ Dance Area – AA 24/7 (R!M!E remix)
I tend to get a warm happy feeling when i know that a dj or producer i am in lust with is Australian. This time its Sydnian R!M!E who has done a mean remix of everyones favourite ‘Mars’ and now this! He also likes zombie movies. I have a good feeling about this guy

♫ Feadz – Cold as Feadz
Is this cheese? I’m not sure, but i can definitely see this being churned out at a club. Its pretty cheesy dude, featuring vocals from ‘Foreigner’. A little bit of vintage cheese to put a skip in your step.

Have fun tonight kids, and make sure you throw in a moon walk or two on the dance floor!


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