You’re so g-g-g-g so gangsta by Kish
June 25, 2009, 8:28 AM
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So sometimes i like to please my inner gangsturr and listen to some smooth hip hop. Theres the good, the bad, and the you-must-have-been-shot-9-times ugly. But these are the few that are racking up plays. They aint so gangstur that they make you feel awkward & uncomfortable and uber white, yet they are cool enough to lay back and smoke a……..cigarette to.

♫ Lupe Fiasco – Shining Down (Feat Matthew Santos) (right click and save)

Lupe always has the ability to make a cool sawng. I’m a big fan of his album ‘The Cool’, which Matthew Santos was also involved in. He gets two big thumbs up from me, cos this one is just as sweet as the other songs he’s been putting out thurr.

♫ Kid Cudi – Mr. Solo Dolo <– (right click and save)

Everyone knows how this guy shot to fame – because of that fab mix the Crazy Crookelinos spun out. It was awesome, everyone went nuts when a dj dropped it and it probably can still get shoulders popping. But i think people forget that Kid Cudi isnt a one hit wonder, and he can produce a slick sound of his own. Noice.

♫ Kid Cudi – Excuse My Mood (right click and save)

Okay, so maybe I have jumped on the bandwagon just a little bit, yet this song is just as good as the one above. I love the cute sign off at the end of the song – “peace & love by the way”

♫ The Pharcyde – Soul Flower (Dogs Bollocks Remix) (right click and save)

This one is thanks to djnodj. I love this kind of hip hop, that has a Mark Ronson sound, so i don’t feel too out of my depth here.


Kid Cudi – Make Her Say (Feat. Kanye West, Common & A-Trak)
Ooh! I really like this one. Cheesy stuff, but worth a listen if you’re in the mood for it (Y) Thanks to I’m a Deckhead


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