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June 24, 2009, 8:13 AM
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I always make a point of not getting a big head, because even though i am the Choon King, i still have a lot to learn. So I am ever discovering artists, remixes and edits and re-edits and really bad re-edits, its just a part of the job. This week I want to introduce you to Hey Today! (myspace) A couple of guys just churning out choons.

I thought id share this on my blogtek. According to Last.fm, one is bald and one is not, lets see what crazy stuff these contrasting characters get up to! loljokesz.

♫ Hey Today! – Wonderman
Really like this one, the beats hit hard, its dancey and clubby and wonderful and pretty. I’d feel uber cool smashing this track while doing chap laps, so jump on board. Has a bit of a vintage Boys Noize feel, but only in the slightest. Two thumbs up!

♫ Hey Today – If I Was Wonderman
Such a siq song. Not as hard hitting and bounce-worthy as Wonderman, but definitely worth a few listens accompanied by some epic roboting.

…I think we can conclude from my ability to link most things to anything robot related, that i have a Robot fetish.

oh and just because i love Digitalism oh so much,
♫ Digitalism – Pogo (Hey Today! Remix)


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