Instamatic Classique by Kish

We all love Beatport, don’t we? I received an email from Beatport today, and it was full of all these current choons that they think are instant classics. Which makes me wish i had a time machine, so i could go back in time and see if people we wowed by songs we consider classics now. I absolutely love a good classic, and the euphoric feelings that well up when you hear them fill a room and all you want to do is grab the nearest person and yell in their ears “CHOOON”.
Here are my picks from the Beatport email, but i think they got it all wrong, some def are as classic as lady gaga’s crotch ❤

♫ Wolfgang Gartner, Francis Preve – Yin (Original Remix)
Dark and clubby just the way i like my choons. I dont think this is a classic, but who am i to argue with the Beatport gods. I’m the goddamn choon king, thats who. Awesome song, not a classic though.

♫ Sidney Samson – Riverside
As much as we are probably sick of hearing this out, I have a pretty good feeling this song won’t be going away for a long long time.  It brings out the ‘gangsta’ in the whitest of us.

♫ The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance
I was surprised to see this on the list. No, The Prodigy are amazing and timeless, but i didnt think Beatport was awesome enough to give credit to dudes like The Prodigy. I thought wrong.

Classics? Time will only tell *oo-WEE-oo*

…though, this is what i call a classic
♫ Together (DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter) – Together <–


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