Chk Chk Remix by Kish

I am a sucker for a remix. I wonder if its an OCD thing, because once i find i song, i don’t feel like i’ve really heard the song properly until i have found every single remix of it i can get my dirty though royal hands on.

Since i have broken my ankle, i have lots of times to gather choons, and these are the remixes i have come across. May not be new, but definite choons.

♫ Chuckie vs. LMFAO  – Bass Kick In Miami (Inphinity’s WMC 09 Remix)
Hard hitting bass, a good mash up of two club favourites. Really gets you in the mood to go out and shack dat shit.

Does it Offend You Yeah? – We Are Rockstars (Cold Blank Remix) <–
I love the original, don’t we all, yeah? (loljokesz) But this remix is really awesome and bouncy. Is it weird that this reminds me of ‘The Geeks Were Right’ by the Faint? hmm. I want to here this song out in a club

♫ Klingenberg – T (Dave Darell Remix)
A funky tune that really gets you bopping. I’m actually listening to it right now, and popping my shoulders, since thats about all the dancing I will be doing for a long long time.

Phoenix – Lisztomania (Yuksek Remix)
I’m a huge fan of both Phoenix and Yuksek. Bring them both together, you get something a little strange. But hey, i love this remix all the same.

♫ Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (Loudnessboy Remix) <–
I love this remix. It actually isn’t terrible on the ears, as most remixes of Daft Punk choons are. Its awesome but it would suck in a club, well the start would. The rest, i would go off chops to — may even break an ankle to it


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