Robot Sunglasses by Kish
June 11, 2009, 9:59 AM
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So, if there is something you should know about me, it would be that I love most things robot-related.
Daft Punk mostly. But after getting a choon recommendation from a good friend of mine, i found robot music can be cool coming from someone besides Bangalter and Guy-Man.

Who? Capsule. They’re a Japanese electronic duo who wear the most lovely robot sunglasses. I don’t think they’re actually called that, but i bought a pair and decided that is what they must be called. Simple logic, no?

I would say Koshijima Toshiko is the sexier, more original version of Lady GaGa. One looks like a woman, one does not. I don’t condone slander, so i’ll refrain from identifying which is which 🙂

So, being the choon king, I too am ever discovering new choons, and  I will share a few of my Capsule faves, enjoy!

♫ Capsule – MUZic
awesome hard hitting electronica that gets you shaking your toosh

♫ Capsule – Robot Disco
I couldn’t help myself, the song title itself makes me want to pop&lock.


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So has anyone actually figured out where to buy these robot-sunglasses? I’m dying for a pair.

Comment by nick

i got my pair in an op shop for like three bucks, lol.
and they sold some on ‘nasty gal vintage’, just google that shop, they might still sell them!

Comment by kish07

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