Digitalism TOURING by Kish
May 3, 2012, 12:01 PM
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When asked, what is the best gig you’ve ever been to, it’s usually a hard question to answer. From seeing Phoenix to The Strokes to being in awe of Aphex Twin and losing my mind during a 3 hour Boys Noize set, I’ve seen a lot. What stands out however, is 2009 January 10 when I saw Digitalism at the Forum in Melbourne.

Lazer orgy, the entire Idealistic album, Jence’s vocals booming over the top and Pogo. There were many other things that made that night superb – I met a guy called Voytek, saw Harris Robotis play for the first time, oh and it was my birthday, but Digitalism were no doubt superb. The best thing though, they’re playing again. Same venue, same babin Digitalism but it’s this Friday, yes TOMORROW.

If you live in Australia, have great taste in music and need lasers and electronic bleeps that are incomparable, then you need to hop on board. Even better is, that Beni is supporting in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. Don’t worry Perth, you get everyone’s teenage criminal Adrian Lux.

Friday May 4: The Forum, MELBOURNE

Wednesday May 9: Family, Brisbane

Friday May 11: HI FI, Sydney

Thursday May 17: Light Square House, ADELAIDE

Friday May 18: Villa, Perth

Crazy for you by Kish
May 3, 2012, 11:48 AM
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It’s been a while since I’ve visited this ghost town. But here I am! Life took a swift turn and I know write for Stoney Roads, pretty neat huh? You should check it and read my amazing reviews and stuff because I’m fun.

Today is rainy and sucky and I’m sitting here not wanting to go to work, and listening to Best Coast. I love light, indie, breezy tunes for rainy days because they actually somehow make you forget about the horror outside. Rain doesn’t agree with my hair, clothes, lifestyle.


Reviewing: Casino ‘La Vendetta’ EP by Kish
February 15, 2012, 12:13 PM
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Not sure how much attention you are paying to what I say, but as a general rule I expect you to remember everything ever mentioned on this blog ever. It’s kind of like watching a TV series, you’ll never get some of the jokes unless you watch every episode in order. Welcome to reading hell.

I am making the above point because I have posted about my lust for Casino before. They’re from Melbourne, they cool and they’re signed to Greenskeepers Music. I expect that sentence is more than enough to keep you around. They released their debut EP Jan 31st and this is what it sounds like…

Casino – La Vendetta  

Just as you expect a title track to be, amazing, on repeat and smoother than a shaved cat. With licks of italo throughout, this track has successfully meshed a sexy yet really really familiar bassline with everyone’s favourite topic of conversation, heartbreak. I’ve also heard whispers that the boys did the vocals themselves, and here I was racking my brain wondering if it was Jeppe (Classixx, The Magician fame) or Kim (The Presets). This is the song of my dreams.

Casino – White Water

Take me to a secret cave lodged behind a waterfall and find me where the disco is, because this is what I would be hearing. It sounds like lashes of liquid silver falling from the skies falling on an island full of tropical Brazillian models. When you hear the track you will understand that there is literally no other way of describing it.

Casino – Dreams and Dragons

I love songs with vocals because I am a girl and we love songs we can sing along to. Welcome back vocals. I think the thing that excites me so much about Casino is how they’ve combined original vocals with amazing lyrics with such well produced tracks – it’s almost too much. It’s like if Miranda Kerr dressed like Agyness Deyn

Casino – Echoes

So this is like White Water’s hot sister, but it doesn’t matter because they’re twins. Hot twins. It’s actually the perfect song to seduce someone with. It comes jam packed with 80s steeze, licks of guitar to put you in the right mood and this echoey (ha) flute laced over the top. Audible honey.

Casino – Flight To Nowhere

It is as if Casino came together and thought “hey let’s make 5 tracks, with amazing elements in each of them and take over the world by blowing people’s minds one at a time”. This track is some crazy italo, synthy, bassy dream. Get ready for the piano driven break down at 3:20 is all I have to say.


…. I usually find all EPs have weak points, but La Vendetta takes that weak point and steps on it’s face with some really fancy shoes on. I think the best way to describe this EP is to quote someone off Soundcloud “Going to break up with my gf and marry this EP“… now to find myself a girlfriend.

Le Verdict? 5/5 ★★★★★

Buy it here on Beatport


Digikid 84 + Bestrack = The Tits by Kish
January 13, 2012, 8:07 PM
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Hey Digikid 84 you’re pretty awesome. Oh and hey Bestrack I think you’re remixes are dope – can you make babies and then upload them onto soundcloud for me because I spend most of my Internet life there? You will? Nice.

So this song is a product of that ^^ And it is amazing and will make you want to take your pants of and rub on some velvet. It sounds like Danger but not so Danger-y. You’ll get it when you listen to it. All that amazing crap is accompanied by delcious vocals and stomp worthy drums. Heaven is a remix by Bestrack…

Digikid 84 – Continuum (Bestrack Remix)

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‘Free Tunes’ Tuesday by Kish

I don’t think Free Tunes Tuesday will continue, but hey, today I have found a fat stash of awesome tracks that are being given away for free, so why not share?

SBTRKT – Hold On (Them Jeans) free download

I saw Them Jeans play in Melbourne a fair few months ago and he was pretty banging and so so tall. This mix is a great take on SBTRKT’s amazing sound (which has a crazy cult-like following). I made the mistake of ignoring SBTRKT for as long as I could because I thought ‘SBTRKT’ sounded like a dubstep producer. Yeah I know… mistakes.

Sandra – Maria Magdalena (Satin Jackets & Chris Jylkke Krautrock Edition) free download

So don’t let the first 5 seconds of this track throw you off – it almost did the same for me, but I have faith the Satin Jackets outfit (lol pun) and knew this would be a deep groover and I was correct.

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love – Pscyhemagik Remix free download

So Psychemagik makes this remix er well, magical. The best way to describe this track is that it’s a dark 3am tune that you would find yourself singing along to – yes even the chopped vocals. I love the way it eases into the track, starting off slowly with the drum beat and delicately adding all the different elements of the track – it just builds like a dream. Hold out until 3:05 😉

Riva Starr & Fat Boy Slim – Get Naked (Louis La Roche ‘Is It Summer Yet’ Remix) free download

Well yes Louis, it is Summer in Australia so come here… But this is a summery remix that turns this track into a stringy masterpiece. I just want to take off my clothes and dance on a beach drinking really aesthetically pleasing cocktails. Cannot fathom why this is free…


So that is the free tune roundup for today. Get on it and click the download button before they attempt to snatch back the gifts they offered us so tantalizingly.

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by Kish
January 6, 2012, 12:45 PM
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Tonight I am going to see Justice’s new live show. ‘Excited’ doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the feelings that are buzzing about inside me right now. This will be Justice’s first solo live show. They premiered their live show at Field Day. Yeah Australia got something before EVERYONE else for once – ha and it’s awesome.

I know a few people who went to Field Day and are coming back down for tonight; apparently seeing it is highly addictive (which i completely understand).  Check out the footage from Field Day here and get jealous/excited:

If that isn’t exciting enough, throw on Audio, Video, Disco  and have a practice run, because you will have to be prepared for the mammoth occasion that will be JUSTICE LIVE (how dramatique of me). So besides old classics (what a stupid thing to say – they’re all classix) like Stress, Genesis and We Are Your Friends, what tracks are you busting to see live? Mine are…

Justice – Horsepower

Justice – DVNO

And here’s something to dance to before you head out

Justice – On’n’On (Brodinski Remix)

See you at Festival hall


James Curd Man + Machine EP by Kish
January 5, 2012, 5:33 PM
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Let me start by apologizing for being so late on realizing the existence of this magnificent EP. James Curd has always been a favorite of mine and I don’t even know where to begin to explain why, but if I must let’s do it with just random words (it’s more fun this way): uh Greenskeepers, Defected, awesome, Chi Town, has cool glasses, that remix of Juan Maclean, ridiculously awesome.  That isn’t all of it, but I’m sure you get the jist.

So I’m on Beatport going through Bang Gang’s latest releases and I see a James Curd one I haven’t heard before. I pause, share some self deprecating comments with myself for not having heard it before, press play, check the month, omgomg it was released in October?! Surely it can’t be good if it slipped through my fingers like this, nope, pretty sure it’s fucking excellent, I just suck. After doing a quick search, turns out this EP hasn’t gotten as much love as I thought it would? Not to worry, Futuristic de Silencio is on it!

James Curd – Man vs Machine

This is a funky track that will undoubtedly leave everyone bopping up and down at least one part of their body (lol seksual innuendo). It has a real discotheque vibe to it, leaving me imagining hot vintage ladies in gold jumpsuits and rollerblades cutely seducing men just by mouthing the “ooh oooohs”.

James Curd – Moon

So this is the track that had me sold. Surely the first 5 seconds will do the same for you. It is a deep drivey track which is really catchy and has a great hook.

James Curd – Decadence

This has a bit of a different vibe to the other two tracks. Lots of piano and the bells give it a slight midnight tropical vibe.  For some reason, this track leaves me a little poignant… delicious nonetheless.

James Curd – Moon (Luke Solomon’s Mega Mix)

While the other remix in this EP doesn’t really do much different to the track, the Luke Solomon Mega Mix is bangin. It adds an extra dimension, drums, bells and whistles which make it a great summer track – timely considering it is sa hot here right now.

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